Monday, June 24, 2019

Portion Pac.Business Study Case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

administer Pac.Business - Case Study ExampleThe conservation and preservation of natural resources become vital part of survival because sustenance of cosmos dynamics depends on the available resources. Indeed, human threats to the environment incorporate significant factors that are intrinsic part of development process. Moreover, various drivers of climate change top towards sustenance of life forces and unprecedented increase in population dynamics has put more burden on the natural resources and adversely impacted the availability of fresh water, clean air and land. Sustainable business practices promote environment conservation through innovative measures like carbon footprint, using energy pitch methods and devices, tree plantation, reducing waste, using green technologies etc. Thus, PortionPacs business practice is therefore, highly recommendable.Answer 2The most big and influential stakeholders for Portion Pac are employees who make them and the end users of its product s which are designed for cleaning with least use of chemicals. Its end users are janitors, housekeepers and diet service professionals. All deal are important for it and therefore so far as stakeholders are concerned, they are all influential factors in its decision making process. The least important issues in its decision making is the owners profitability which comes at the bottom of the issues in its business strategy. Its products are non toxic that provide maximum safety for their employees who facilitate in its production and packaging. They are also highly effective cleaning material with the added feature of string disinfectant. They can be easily used by janitors, housekeepers and food service professionals. Cleaning detergents that are safe and chemical free serve dual purpose for its clients. They are chemical free and support environment as chemical waste does not pollute environment. The other important feature is that they are safe to use and their disinfectant prop erty ensures better health and unspotted environment. These properties are hugely beneficial for its various stakeholders. The owners profits are not considered important part of decision making because their primary concern is the sustainability of resources for people at large. It is wise order of stakeholders because sustainable business practice provides them with unique capabilities to innovate and preserve environment for posterity and thereby giving them private-enterprise(a) advantage which results in greater revenue. Answer 3 The companys environmental focus is good for company because its eco friendly products had provided it with distinct advantage in the industry which was settle down in the infancy stage to adopt sustainable business practice. The various paradigms of environment sustainability serve as powerful agents of innovation and discoveries which are designed towards gaining supplement in the market (Barney, 2002). The organizational culture of constant lear ning and resources based strategy provides it with attributes to gain competitive advantage. Most importantly, in the contemporary environment of competitive business, sustainable business practices facilitate proactive approach to meet the challenges of environmental imperatives. The business operations at all levels of interaction are carried out deep down the broader precincts of sustainable development framework. Hence, the company defines its business policies vis-a-vis sustainable development and ensures that functional coordination cuts across the departments, organizational structure and operational efficiency. Thus, it greatly enhances its credibility and ensures dogged term success. Answer 4 Yes, I would like to work for a company that works

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