Monday, August 12, 2019

JTF-GNO Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

JTF-GNO - Research Paper Example † The implication of the issues predominantly hinges on the question of normalcy which is of paramount importance in the national and international perspective. General Network Relationships: The GIG operations extend to giving support services and coordinating with the activities in areas such as the White House Situation Room, Department of State Operations Center, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Central Intelligence Agency Operations Center, the National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications, United Nations Military Mission, United States Coast Guard Command Center, Federal Aviation Administration Executive Communications Control Center), and other agencies are also covered on regular basis under various circumstances. Allied Partnership: The operations are global in nature and include information sharing with the allied and coalition partners on various security aspects. The differences in the c ommunication systems, operation standards and procedures need to be overcome through a common policyfor effective operations. NETOPS is responsible for integration, monitoring, control, and protection of the networks. Department of Homeland Security: The DOD coordinates with the civil authorities in homeland, be it federal state or local bodies through the national communication systems with JTF-Civil Support Unit of USNORTHCOM, in its security/homeland missions. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT): The JTF-GNO established the GNC through the merger of the JTF Computer Network Operations’ Directorate, DISA’s Global NETOPS and Security Center and the DOD computer emergency response team (CERT). US-CERT provides support and defense against cyber attacks and aids information sharing at various levels, government, industries and international agencies. National Communication Systems: The JTF J-6, bridges the gaps between civil, DOD, NGOs and other agencies in mission-o riented communications solutions and gather information on the commercial communications from the National Communications systems. Intelligence Community: The scope of GIG covers all communication systems or channels either owned or leased and include computing systems/services, software, data management and other security related aspects. The GIG supports the strategic, tactical and business operations related to national security and intelligence. The Director, National Security Agency (NSA) is also the commander USCYBERCOM. The NSA is responsible for developing and prescribing cryptographic standards and principles. DOD agencies, such as DIA, National Security Agency, and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, are responsible for ensuring that the respective systems are consistent with the GIG. Coordination with the CIA and FBI is also covered for combating cyber terrorism in the country and internationally. Law Enforcement / Counter Intelligence: Computer Network Defense (CND) takes measures for monitoring, analyzing and responding to the

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