Thursday, November 21, 2019

Career aspiration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Career aspiration - Essay Example My interest is in aviation engineering. Aviation engineers end up airport executives and professional pilots although this branch is also related to airspace development, designing the airport, navigation technologies, and so on. Airspace development is related to planning and designing the airspace. And it is extremely important that it is done in a proper manner in order that military operations are not affected and also so for the easy navigation of commercial airlines. Then there is airport design, which is again important due to several reasons, one being that the design needs to be in accordance with global environmental standards. Aviation engineers in the manufacturing field are generally paid between $17,500 and $54,500 (AvScholars). Their responsibility is toward production; ranging from developing and selecting manufacturing ways to overseeing everyday tasks taking place on the factory floor. They have to intensely research regarding designing, projecting, production and maintenance technologies and functions of various kinds of vehicles that move in sky or space. Also, there is a requirement of manufacturing better aircrafts – lighter and faster, those that comply with the environmental rules and those that do not make too much sound. All this comes under the work of aviation engineers as they are responsible for the design and manufacture of aircrafts. They have to decide which production system will prove to be better for manufacturing in terms of cost. They have to conduct experiments that help in determining the performance properties of the air vehicle that has been designed and this is done through analytical skills. A person definitely needs a proper engineering degree to pursue aviation engineering for which purpose it is extremely necessary that there are highly qualified institutions that cater to the interested people. An undergraduate education in this field is of four years and the graduating students receive a

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