Friday, March 6, 2020

How you relate to a fictional character essays

How you relate to a fictional character essays Many fictional characters are based on fantasies of what we want or wish we were like. Some have great powers, while others are just rich or famous. It is this wish of wanting what we do not have, or cannot be, that brings about some of the greatest heroes in our imagination. Many younger generations look towards television, and one of the most popular among boys is Goku, the main character in the hit anime Dragonball Z. Goku is the main character, and hero of the hit anime television show Dragonball Z. In the show, he is the most powerful fighter on Earth and the first being to become a Super Saiyan in over one thousand years. When other Saiyans arrive, Goku learns of his mysterious past. He learns that he is a Saiyan formerly named Kakarot. Goku was sent to Earth as a baby to grow up and destroy the planet, but a head injury scrambled Gokus natural thought processes. Instead of growing up to become a destructive destroyer of worlds, he became pure of heart, fighting for the good of the Earth. Goku had one of the largest families in the entire series. Mostly everyone who belonged to it were great fighters, or at least known by many great fighters. His father was a Saiyan named Bardock, and was great fighter. He was also the man who found out that Frieza planed to destroy the planet Vegeta, which is the Saiyan home world. He sent Goku away at first, but soon after, he regretted the decision, and wanted to meet with Goku again, but was killed by Frieza. Throughout his life, Goku did a lot of training, and this was the secret to his incredible strength. Whenever his friends or family were in any harm or danger, he would train his body even harder, pushing himself to his limits, gaining new levels of power. He didnt become a great fighter on his own though. Many people took Goku under their wing, and trained him to be adept in the martial arts. When Goku was a young boy, his Grandfather Gohan trained him. When he had...

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