Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Crime - Research Paper Example It is vital to maintain the devices used to commit the crime as evidence when reporting electronic crimes. How can one protect him or herself or their family against e-crime? By educating themselves on basic online safety through recommended websites (Ghosh & Turinni 291). Individuals can also educate their families about online safety. Individuals can also set up basic protection against malware such spyware and anti-viruses. Are e-crimes punishable by jail time? If found guilty of a cyber-crime by the court, one is probable to get punished through jail time. Sentences for cyber-crimes are getting tougher by the day and cyber-crime attorneys are increasingly finding it challenging to defend their parties. Most cyber-crimes sentences get served in months, however depending on the degree of the crime, the accused may receive years in jail time. What methods get used to detect e-crime? There is no single, clear cut method of detecting cyber-crimes. E-crimes get detected by chance. There are informal methods such as regular audit of the systems, looking for mistakes, and the use of government agencies such as the police or IRS to detect the crime. What is computer forensics? Computer forensics refers to a form of forensic science that involves legal analysis of evidence located in electronic devices or computers (Ghosh & Turinni 232). Computer forensics helps to discover the actual cause of a computer system malfunction. It may also get used by professionals to determine situations where individuals may have unlawfully used a computer or network with the intention of hacking or harming a computer

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