Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Annotated Bibliography for Organizational Analysis Essay

Annotated Bibliography for Organizational Analysis - Essay Example The Political Frame recognizes the power play within and between institutions. The Symbolic Frame believes that schools produce symbols to create commitment and meaning. This article is important, because it describes different forms of leadership. However, it does not consider that some school leaders may be integrating these different frameworks. This source is important to my field of study, because it will help me analyze and prescribe the best frameworks for different goals and conditions in the Training and Doctrine Command. Managementhelp.org. (no date). What is an open system? Retrieved from http://managementhelp.org/misc/orgs-open-systems.pdf This article describes the main elements and concepts of an open system. An open system is a system that interacts with its external environment through feedback processes. Some of the important components of an open system are inputs, processes, outputs, goals, assessment, and learning. This article is a good source of the basics of an open system, but further research on its real-life applications is needed to understand its strengths and limitations further. This source is important to my field of study, because I want to know how the Training and Doctrine Command works as an open system and what can be done to exploit the advantages of this system. I also want to learn the issues with an open system, especially in how the external environment affects the internal system. Nadler, D.A., & Nadler, M.B. (2000). The Congruence framework - a roadmap for understanding organizational performance. Mercer Management Journal, (13), 4-10. Retrieved from http://www.oliverwyman.com/deu-insights/MMJ13-OrganizationalTrans.pdf Nadler and Nadler (2000) argued that the congruence framework analyzes the roots of organizational performance. They described that it is not a prescriptive model, but an analytical framework that helps leaders understand the interaction between social and technical factors that affect the performance of each organization, so that people can design and execute their own solutions to their organization’s distinctive performance problems. The strengths of the article are its explanation of the components of the congruence model and its application of the model on the Harley-Davidson’s case. Its weakness is that it was not tested empirically using other companies and industries. This source is important to my field of study, because it will help me analyze the best way to implement large-scales changes to the Training and Doctrine Command. McLeod, S. (2007, June 25). Bolman & Deal frameworks. Big think.com. Retrieved from http://bigthink.com/ideas/bolman-deal-frameworks McLeod explains the Bolman & Deal frameworks. These frames are different on their main beliefs about schools as organizations, and the means in achieving their goals. The strength of this article is that it underlines that it is possible to use all frames in understanding and resolving school problems and in implementing organizational changes. It is not an academic source, however, and it will help to do more research on these frameworks and how they are actually used or changed during design and implementation changes. This source is important to my field of study, because I am interested in knowing different ways of analyzing issues in the Training and Doctrine Command and in determining the best leadership approaches. Bolman & Deal fr

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