Friday, September 27, 2019

Weak public transportation in Oklahoma county and its affect on health Term Paper - 1

Weak public transportation in Oklahoma county and its affect on health care(problem and solution) - Term Paper Example While the rest have no means of transportation of their own. Moreover, high blood pressure was reported to be about 47% while dental problem was next with about 40%, arthritis was about 36% and finally depression and tobacco which had about 30% and 32% respectively.Teen pregnancy was also another issue such that it ranged between 51% and 60% in a year, not forgetting drug abuse with about 60% among the youth who had also had serious health issues but could not access the public health facilities. According to a survey that was conducted in Oklahoma individuals also claimed that there were fewer health services in the community too. Over 60% individuals have no insurance due to the fact that hours available and transport was the barrier to getting those insurance services.It is alleged that among those who fail to get insurance services, they are poor as they have the lowest incomes. Most of the uninsured personnel’s are between the ages of 62% and 65.They get less income of ab out 18000 dollars. This makes it hard for the persons to access public health coverage or basically impossible.The Oklahoma anti-county Drug network also pointed out that underage drinking, tobacco use, bang and abuse of prescribed medication was among the top issues to the youths in the country (World Bank Washington, DC. 2001). The Oklahoma group of Youth and Risky behavior alleged that 23% of the children in high school smoke cigarette while about 835 reported to have access to alcoholic brew. About 96% of them frequently use alcohol and at the time of use the brew was kind of not harmful. Suicide also health case of concern it is among the top causes of death in Oklahoma. Young adults who die are between age’s 26-35.In Oklahoma, it is also alleged that men are the ones who account for higher percentage of death issues that women due to lack of better transport system. Most of those who

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