Thursday, September 12, 2019

Case analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Case analysis - Coursework Example At the moment the voices against higher profits are muted. However they are bound to grow over time as poor bank members become disillusioned. The banks need more resources and professional management. To acquire these they will need to go public and attract investors. The dilemma is how to raise capital without hurting poor members and please investors who expect high returns. Going public will make it difficult to find a balance between fiduciary responsibilities and social good. As result pressure is mounting on the banks to lower their interest rates which will lead to lower profit margins. With lower profit margins the banks leadership will need to device a means of providing financial services to the poor and simultaneously meeting fiduciary duties of stakeholders. Because of the IPO’s microfinance banks have reported improved transparency and reporting and profits are now shared among the poor members and foreign stockholders. The strategies GMCR/Keurig used to fuel growth included developing a strong brand and character, delivering products consumers are passionate about, good distribution and relationship networks and innovation. Other strategies are strategic acquisitions, changing consumer behavior, being aware of and meeting consumer demands, provision of convenience and choice for the consumer, differentiation, quality, personalized service, speed and ease of use, licensing agreements and collaboration with regional industrial players, quality products and easy to use features, wider choice and licensing agreements that enabled rapid expansion. The prices were low and products accessible and they were innovative in product development. GMCR/Keurig external environment include competition, financial, marketing and operating factors, the economically stagnant US market, socially changing habits’ of consumers in Asia, Europe and coffee producing countries, changes in consumer

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