Thursday, October 3, 2019

A Characters View, Drugstore Cowboy Essay Example for Free

A Characters View, Drugstore Cowboy Essay One page essay for Theater 19 acting class Due March 13 2012 By Charles (Chuck) Borges March 13th 5:30am This short essay is about a character in the film â€Å"Drugstore Cowboy† Bob. This is what I think his character is like, and what’s going on in his life before this next scene. Bob is a ringleader or mastermind of an underdeveloped group of drug store robbing addicts who Procure their vices by stealing them from local pharmacies. Bob likes doing drugs. He likes the whole lifestyle. While in the proses of robbing these establishments, Bob gets a euphoric Sense of power. The adrenalin rush is like no other. He risks going to jail, and losing his Freedom to obtain that rush at any expense. As long as it doesn’t come out of pocket. You see, Bob is a poor man He’s a hype that can shoot up enough dope to kill a horse. But that was then, and this is now. As he sits and ponders his mass confusion that he Called a life, in a small room, in some apartment complex, ran by a person like himself. An X Junkie named Tom. To say the last six months have been easy on Bob would be a lie. Sobriety Is kicking his ass and He’s starting to feel bored and becoming restless at work. Not a good sign. The daily grind was starting to bore into Bob like a drill bit. The addiction was winning its way Back into his life and he knew it. Bob’s life was better now. He has his boring job, boring apartment, boring life. But all in all, a respectable existence, surrounded by regular people with regular, Similar lives. But he’s still feeling alone and thinking of the good times he used to have with a Certain somebody he shared his tawdry past with. He’s feeling melancholy about the way he left her, but knowing that deep in his heart , it was the best solution from a destructive path. But still he is wondering to himself ,† I wonder what ever happened to my buddy who’s girlfriend died, and if they will ever find her body . † I’m thinking , he’s wondering â€Å" Is Diane alright?

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