Saturday, October 12, 2019

Florida International University Essay -- Environment, Waste, Green Pr

Florida International University (FIU) is not only a standard in quality education as it is also a innovator in best practices especially those that have to do with the environment. The University’s commitment to ensuring that its community contributes to the preservation and protection of the environment has led it to pioneer innovations in solid waste management, in particular, in recycling; because the University clearly understands that recycling is more beneficial compared to waste disposal, it has established its own reputation in the proper and efficient management of solid waste. Florida International University recognizes its contribution to the accumulation of waste considering that it produces about seven million pounds of waste each year (Figueroa, 2010). Unlike other universities that still remain adamant in investing on green practices, FIU has, â€Å"governed by the State of Florida under Florida Statute 403.714 and The Florida Solid Waste Management Act of 1988† (FIU, 2011), established its own internal ‘green machine’ or solid waste and environmental protection system via the FIU Custodial Services Office. The university’s efforts in ensuring efficient solid waste management even â€Å"far exceeds the minimum standards† (FIU, 2011) required by law. What makes the solid waste management efforts of the university one-of-a kind is the establishment of a â€Å"single stream recycling program which means that all recyclable items can be placed into one bin and do not have to be sorted† (FIU, 2011). Nevertheles s, despite the use of single recycle bins, proper labeling has to accompany each bin to ensure that only materials that are recyclable are placed in the bins. There are also different sized of bins which are placed stra... ...g, however, costs only $35 per ton. The school also makes $10 for every ton of paper it recycles† (Figueroa, 2009). This means that apart from saving the environment, the university also earns and is able to cut down on expenses for certain things because of the use of recycled materials. Of course, the most important aspect of recycling in the university is awareness and with students who are currently seriously considering the way they manage their solid waste, the campaign and program becomes even more successful. To do this, the university has also joined the national FIU Recyclemania for two years now and had placed exceptionally well (FIU, 2011). It is very important in any environmental effort that the stakeholders are made aware of the benefits of the efforts so that the program earns propriety and becomes a culture instead of just an obligation.

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